Saturday, 25 July 2015

Ten ways you can help the club this week

It's one week to go until the club's Open Day and you may be wondering how you can get involved as an existing club member.

Well you play, arguably, the most important role in the day because you'll be showing our visitors what's great about Millwall! And the reason we're trying to attract some new members is to make sure we have enough players to fill teams for all our games this season.

So here are some ways you can help your club:

1. Come and play in the touch rugby tournament. Be there by 1.30pm.

2. Join in one of the separate men's women's or youth intro sessions at 12 noon.

3. Flip burgers (Contact Kirsty)

4. Pour beer or buy someone new a pint.

5. Talk to visitors in the clubhouse (and persuade people to come along to training and maybe even sell some memberships)

And even if you can't be there in person:

6. Deliver some flyers this week

7. Share the Facebook event with your friends

8. Put a poster up at work or take a poster and flyers into a local shop.

9. Find somewhere on your company intranet to advertise the club.

10. Bring your marigolds along on Friday night for the final clubhouse clean-up party.

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