Thursday, 13 August 2015

Changes to our #O2Touch Rugby Sessions

Changes to timings

Our Thursday touch rugby sessions have now stopped for the summer in order to let you all focus on main club training.  We've noticed numbers dropping off, so decided it's time to stop.  The Sunday sessions however will continue, as always, throughout the winter.

We're changing the time of Sunday sessions to bring it half an hour earlier to help organisers who run other sessions in the morning.  The new time will be 12.30pm until 2.30pm.  This is effective from this coming Sunday 15th August.

Changes to session fees

Effective immediately: in the interests of encouraging participation in our Millwall Park sessions we've decided to abolish the £3 fee for non-members to play.  This means that, like all our club training, all Millwall Park sessions are now free of charge.  We will still be taking a register however, as this is a requirement of our O2Touch sponsorship.

Effective from January 2016: recognising the costs of entry into the competitions (which can be upwards of £350), as well as the fact that we now provide shiny kit for you to wear, we've decided to bring our competition/league-sessions in line with the rest of the club.

  • This means that you must be a fully paid up and current member of the club to be selected to play and you'll need to pay match day subs to contribute... unless you're a life member. 
  • Rather than being £10 as with our full-contact rugby, the subs for touch rugby will be a reduced £5 (unemployed the same).  
  • As is usual, regular club volunteers benefit from 50% off what they would otherwise have to pay.
  • The same trial rules apply for people who have never been members before (one game with no match subs to pay, and no membership requirement until just prior to third game)

If you've got any questions, please email one of us on the touch rugby committee (Nigel, Darryl, Scott, Mike, Andrew)

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