Monday, 24 August 2015

Millwall RFC grand day out at the bowls club next door

Its that time of year again as misty eyed men with club ties reminisce about late August last year, when our friendly local bowls club invited us to play, eat, drink and be merry.

"Dry those tears" I hear you shout. They have done it again, and as such you are all cordially invited to repeat last year on their green next to the rugby club. 

The order of the day is as follows:

When: Saturday 29th of August

North Greenwich Bowls Club

Address: 197 E Ferry Rd, London E14 3AY (under the arches and behind the hedge when walking from the club in the direction of Mudchute DLR)

- Get there from 13:00 onwards
- Bowling starts at 15:00 (weather permitting)
- Beers throughout
- BBQ after bowling commences timing depending on demand
- those playing in the warm up game against Southwark we will arrive later and they are all ok with this.

Items to note:
- mixed bowling, they plan to split teams with pros and Millwall rugby club members to mix it up a bit and give everyone a chance to learn from the greats

- CASH only bar: bring enough or be prepared for the long hike to equinox with a quid and a bit sting in the tail

- £5 for BBQ: schoolboy error to forget your lunch money

- For those who want the authentic bowls experience - some sort of "bowling" Whites and a straw boater.

- As before Shorts and skirts are allowed, the only fixed rule is no hard heels on the green, so bring flats, trainers or plimsolls/pumps to play.

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