Tuesday, 26 April 2016

BIERFEST! (after the england v rest of the world match) 7th of May

Just so you don't get confused (I know you are sometimes) here is a separate event post for BIERFEST!

it will be commencing directly after the England v ROW game on the 7th of May. there will be Bier and all the event niceties of a real millwall/bavarian beer festival in May.

it should be sunny so dig out your dirndl/lederhosen/shorts with braces/string vest with head-flannel, socks and sandals/board shorts and thongs/ for the biggest east london pre-summer beer themed party in the millwall park area.

Fun is almost guaranteed with our no fun = more schnorkel policy. So why wait? Make sure you get down and bask in the culture laden festival of fun that is the MIllwall Rugby Club Bierfest.

As usual the place to be will be:

Millwall Rugby Club
75 Manchester Road, E14 3DN London, United Kingdom
and all set to kick off on the 7 May at 18:00hrs


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