Saturday, 2 April 2016

Larry's Last Game - 7th May

Dear all

Founding member and long term club stalwart Larry McCabe has finally decide to hang up his boots. Playing in excess of ??? games and having held multiple roles within the club such as Club Captain, Chairman and "old drunken xxxxxxxx" in the corner, Larry has certainly put his time in. 

To celebrate all his efforts and contributions, we will be organising a game on the 7th May to coincide with the Rest of the World match which is also scheduled for that date (more details of that will follow soon from Boris).

The plan for Larry's last game will evolve over the next few weeks but in the main it will be drink, play, drink, eat, drink, dance and then drink.

At this point I would like to know a few details to help the planning:
  • Will you be there?
  • Can you play?
  • Which position?
  • Would you like a commemorative jersey?

I look forward to hearing from you (please feel free to pass on to anyone you feel would be interested).

Rocky (Jamie Rockman)

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