Thursday, 8 December 2011

Drop Goal in the Dying Seconds Secures Millwall’s First Win of the Season

After many weekends without any games, a very enthusiastic Millwall side was more than ready to face an opposition on Millwall Park once again.

It turned out to be quite a tight game, as Millwall dominated the scrums extremely well in the first half of the game.

What both teams also dominated very well was their verbal outburst of some unrepeatable words and phrases better not to be captured in writing. Let’s just say sound editors on TV would have been quite busy to put a lot of “Beep!” Beeeeeeeeep!” Beep Beep!” in place.

I think you get the picture.

With all the bickering and bitching going on the referee finally had enough and pulled each captain and pack leader aside and told them to stop acting like a bitchy women’s university team! They better cool it down or else …!

And cooling down they did – only what their verbal activity was concerned. In terms of action it started to heat up.

Millwall first scored when a very powerful scrum pushed its way over the opposition’s try line and the ball was touched down by Matt Turner. TRY for Millwall!

And after successfully converting the kick Millwall found itself in the lead by 7 to nil!

Sadly, this score did not hold up for too long as the Writtle Wanderers got lucky and intercepted a pass which led to them scoring a try. Their successful conversion brought the score up to 7 all.

Not being too happy about having just lost the lead, Millwall was giving it all to get back on the score board. Being in their opposition’s half is a good starting point to achieve that – and when given a little help in terms of a penalty scrum, they took the advantage and just repeated their play that resulted in Try number one. And it worked well as Try number 2 was added to the scoreboard – again touched down by Matt Turner with all the help and pushing from the team.

The conversion however could not be repeated and so the score board gave Millwall an only 5 point lead.

Somehow Writtle Wanderers got a second try and conversion in – but when I asked the player for some more information on how they got that he did not remember. (That’s what one too many head knocks do to you I guess) But given that the referee agreed with the score I assumed the bespoke player must be right even when he lacks the so important information of details.)

(Note to myself: Next time speak to more than just one player to get the story right!)

Not to give the Wanderers the chance of some try-scoring momentum (or more like because 40 minutes were over) the referee blew his whistle and off the teams went into the well-deserved half time break.

The second half started with Millwall trailing Writtle Wanderers 12-14.

Quite early in the second half Josh Mason successfully run across the try line to bring Millwall in the lead – however the referee disallowed the try because he thought it was a forward pass.

(What does he know?)

So, Millwall was still trailing – but not for long!

After another penalty Randall Powell tapped the ball, passed it to Dan Hadden and he ran - and kept running. Through and over any opposition that were brave enough to stand in front of the “man on a mission” – until he saw and crossed the try line!


And with another converted kick from Billy Gray Millwall was back in the lead with the score being 19-14.

Writtle Wanderes were fighting to get another try on the score board and so they spend a lot more time than week nerves can endure (from a supporters point of view) in Millwall’s own half and very close (too close for everyone’s liking) to the try line.

Millwall however put up a great defence and they denied the opposition the so much sought after try over and over again.

Roughly 10 minutes before the end and after another period of where “a slowly forward moving heap of Writtle Wanderers” inches closer and closer to our try line but without great success – the referee (out of the blue) awards a try to them!!!

A very questionable one as to be awarded a try the ball actually has to cross the line and touch the ground – BEHIND that line.

(Note to the referee: Great effort and the will to score does not automatically entitle a team to a try)

Oh well, as the referee’s word is the law on the pitch a fiery mob of Millwall players watched the opposition’s kicker prepare to take the conversion. Everyone’s holding their breath (well, I am) – but after a missed conversion (phew) the score is 19 all.

Loaded with frustration and the desire for revenge Millwall gave it all to get back in the lead and bring home the win.

There were some good chances for another try – but somehow the opposition did not really agree with our plan to win this game and therefore weren’t co-operative at all! But Millwall’s will to win was stronger than a Writtle (or “little”) defence.

In the dying seconds of the game, Millwall won a turnover ball that found its way to Billy Gray. As a footie player, he did what he does best – and kicked it!


Game over - Millwall wins 22:19!

Let’s hope there are more to come – less nerve racking perhaps but with the same outcome.

Congratulations Millwall!!!

Match Report by Edna Schweizer

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