Friday, 9 December 2011

International Tickets - ticket collection

Thank you everyone for paying for your international tickets promptly.

The club has now made payment for the tickets to the RFU and thy will be delivered to us by secure delivery during January.

As soon as we have received them we will make arrangements for you to collect them in person or will forward them to you by Special Delivery (by special arrangement and at extra cost).

If you find you do not require the tickets you have paid for there are special rules that enable you to return them to the box office in person but the club is not allowed to do this on your behalf.

The club is required to be in a position to show the RFU used ticket stubs after the game so please hold onto your ticket stubs in case this is required. It is not permitted under RFU rules to sell on your tickets to anyone other than a Millwall member and the price may be for no more than face value.

If the club is found to have breached these rules and tickets issued to us are found to have fallen into other people's hands we may not be allowed access to tickets in future years.

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