Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Clubhouse Openings, Events & Announcements - Week of 22/10/12

This week’s openings, upcoming event and a few announcements!

Hargreaves Hump Day – Wednesday, 24th of October
Why not come down and have a 'royal' night out and 'lose your head' this Wednesday. 

Firstly we can commiserate/celebrate* the death of Jane Seymour in 1537 - (3rd Wife of Henry 8th) - However she was one of the few wives of Henry who didn't lose her head and she was the only one to receive a Queens funeral. You could also celebrate/comiserate* the birth of Princess Victoria Eugenia of Battenburg who was born on this day in 1887.

(*Delete as appropriate for Royalists/Republicans)

Unfortunately we don't have any Battenburg - but we do have beer and Shezza's back...... and he's cooking something Asian for din dins.

So get yourself down, get some drinks and have some of Shezza's excellent food.

P.S. Dont forget to buy your Raffle Tickets!!!

Wiggy’s Weekend Warm-Up – Friday 26th of October
Come on down to start the weekend right! There’ll be the usual - laughs, banter and drinks!  The clubhouse will be open from 19:30 onwards.

We’re going to decorate the clubhouse for the Halloween party on this night so come on down and lend a hand if you can.  We’ll be there from 7:30 pm

Halloween Party  -  Saturday 27th of October,  3 pm on…
The annual Halloween party is upon us.  So, why not come down to the rugby club in your costumes/fancy dress?   Everyone come on down and invite your friends!  It's sure to be an interesting day/night!

Since the party starts early, we invite anyone with kids to come down during the day since we’ll have activities for young and old alike.  There will be a piñata filled with sweets, mummy races and bobbing for apples along with some other activities.

We will have 2 psychics that read tarot cards, photographs (digital or print), objects (psychometry) and mediums.  The cost will be £25 per reading and there is no time restriction.  
Please note that kids are allowed in the clubhouse until 8 pm.


Poppy Appeal
This year Millwall is in the privileged position of having been asked to help with the Poppy Appeal.
The Appeal is the British Legion's biggest fundraising campaign and is most obvious to the public when lapel poppies are available from the last week of October until Remembrance Sunday, or 11 November, whichever is later in the calendar. The money raised during the Poppy Appeal goes towards helping all of the armed forces across the country and recognising the work they do on a daily basis.
This is an amazing opportunity for Millwall to get involved in supporting a really worthwhile cause and possibly recruiting some new members to the joys of Millwall Rugby Club.  We are in need of your help to get the national Poppy campaign off to a rousing start and the national Appeal starts on Wednesday 24th October.
Millwall (yes, that’s youJ) will be volunteering from Monday 29thOctober to Friday 9th November. We will be stationed at Canary Wharf from 5pm-7pm for the 2 weeks. If you can do the 2 hour shift, great!! If you can only do an hour, that’s great too!! There’s two shifts available- 5-6pm or 6-7pm, so take your pick.
Come wearing Millwall colours, raise some money for a great cause and there’s no reason why we can’t recruit some more members into the bargain!!!
Please contact Adrienne on:volunteer@millwallrugby.com to sign up or let anyone on the committee know you’re interested.

Merchandise Survey
We’re looking to sell some merchandise for supporters of Millwall Rugby Club that you can wear every day or on the side of the pitch while you’re cheering the teams on.  Please click on this link and let us know your interests.

RFU Grand Draw (Lights Fund)
Raffle Update:
Great News: We now have the actual raffle tickets in hand, So anyone who has pre-ordered - thank you very much for your support and Gareth will be getting them to you in the post asap.
We are also working on getting a webpage set up in the next few weeks where people can buy them on-line so watch out for that.

As a club we get to keep 90% of the sales. This year our main focus for the fundraising will be for floodlights. However as an added incentive - the Mens and Ladies teams have a target to sell, and if they reach their target they get to keep 10% of the sales value to spend on whatever they want - so the more the teams sell, the more they have to spend!!!

So players - Speak to Shaf or your respective team managers to find out more information about this incentive.

In the coming week we also hope to be able to get a web-page set up as well where you can buy tickets.

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