Tuesday, 9 October 2012

This Week's Activities along with Announcements! - 08/10/12

This week’s and upcoming events and a few announcements!  Please remember that guests are welcome at any of our events.  

Wiggy Wednesday – Wednesday, 9th of October

Wiggy will be opening up the clubhouse at 19:30 for Wiggy Wednesday.  He will be ordering food so email him if you have a preference.  If you don’t have his email address, email socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com

Cheese will be leading his last workout session in Millwall Park from 19:00-20:00.  This session will be free since he will be joining in.  So come on down with an exercise in mind and be ready to feel the burn!

Randall will be hosting a meeting to discuss Tour from 8 to 9 pm for the guys.
There will be a Floodlights Meeting from 9 pm to discuss the planning and fundraising.

Hargreaves Hoppin Friday – Friday 12th of October
Come on down to start the weekend right! There’ll be the usual - laughs, banter and drinks!  The clubhouse will be open from 19:30 onwards.

Backyard Beach Party – Saturday 13th of September
It’s time to celebrate and have a fun time at the Backyard Beach Party.  Come down or change at the clubhouse into your summertime gear. The fancy dress should be something you already own and would wear in the summertime! So I assume that everyone will be dressed very casual and somewhat summery!
We’ll have a limbo contest and possibly a hula hoop competition!
This event is in conjunction with us saying good-bye to 2 of our members, Cheese and Emma-Louise as they leave us for summertime in NZ. So come on down, wish them luck, share a few beverages and enjoy the summertime Millwall style.

We encourage everyone to bring any summertime music that they have and play the role of dj!

Save the Date!

Bavarian Beerhouse – Oktoberfest Celebration – October 18th from 7 pm
Please RSVP when you can since we need to reserve places.  We are currently up to 21 people!  RSVP can be completed by either visiting the event on Facebook and joining or emailing socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com.

Halloween Party – 27th of October
The party will start around 3 pm and go on all night!  We invite anyone with kids to come down during the day since we’ll have activities for young and old alike.  There will be a piñata filled with sweets, mummy races and bobbing for apples along with some other activities.  These activities will be repeated later on in the evening for those that are unable to attend during the day.

It looks like we will end up with a psychic who reads tarot cards, photography readings (digital or print), and is a medium.  The cost will be £25 per reading and there is no time restriction.   Let me know via email if you’re interested in a reading (it’s not a booking but just to make sure that we’re not wasting someone else’s time).

It would be great if we could make this Halloween to encompass many countries traditions so let me know if you have any traditions that you’d like for us to incorporate.

We encourage anyone who’d like to play dj to please bring down your ipod and play whatever music you’d like.  Also, anyone who is already trained on the bar to please sign up for shifts by signing up on the rota.  Lastly, it would be great to get some help with coordinating some of the activities.  Please email socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com if you’d like to help out!

The event is on the Millwall Facebook page so you can get updated information through there!
Please note that kids are allowed in the clubhouse until 8 pm.

Pub Quiz – 4th of November
The pub quiz is returning to Millwall Rugby Club with Mike Beech as quiz master!!!! The quiz will start at 7 pm.  The teams will consist of 4 people with first and runner's up prizes and there will be food served during the quiz.

We encourage you to invite your friends to come on down and join in the quiz! (You can invite them to this event by joining and then inviting friends – through Facebook).

We'll have more details to come soon! We look forward to seeing you down there.

Merchandise Survey
We’re looking to sell some merchandise for supporters of Millwall Rugby Club that you can wear every day or on the side of the pitch while you’re cheering the teams on.  Please click on this link and let us know your interests.

Have any good ideas that could be profitable for the club?  Maybe some fun party ideas?  Please email socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com with any ideas and they will be forwarded to the appropriate person. 

RFU Grand Draw (Lights Fund)

The club desperately needs it's members to help raise funds for floodlights so that we can train this coming Winter. I'm sure you have all seen how quick the nights are drawing in now.

Each year, the RFU presents club with an amazing way to print cash. It's called the RFU Grand Draw and clubs get to keep 90% of all the revenue they get from ticket sales.  If everyone on our club mailing list bought just 2 x £5 books of tickets, then the club would make over £7,000!  Most importantly last year’s top prize was £10,000!

Gareth Hargreaves has kindly agreed to co-ordinate the admin for the draw this year with the help of the playing team members and the bar staff who will be selling the tickets.

We don't have the actual tickets in hand as yet (we are due to get these at the start of October). In the meantime, you can still buy 'tickets' so we can get the monies in asap. If you want to buy some tickets, please fill out the raffle pre-order logs along with giving your money (either speak to Shaf/Louise or the bar staff). Gareth will then post the actual tickets (retaining the stubs for entry in the draw) once we have them, so please ensure your address on the log is correct.

In the coming week we also hope to be able to get a web-page set up as well where you can buy tickets.

Interested in volunteering behind the bar?  Please email ryan@millwallrugby.com if you’d like to volunteer.  Those that are currently trained should have access to sign up but please feel free to contact him if you need access again.

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