Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Week of 15/10/12 - Events & Announcements!

This week’s and upcoming events and a few announcements!

Note:  ***For those on Facebook – Please RSVP for Events when you have decided -  yes/maybe/no.  This helps me to make sure that I can plan for the right amount of numbers!  Also, please feel free to email me, socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com if you’re not on Facebook but plan on attending.  Always feel welcome to invite other Millwall members and friends to our events! ***Thank you!

Hargreaves Hump Day – Wednesday, 17th of October
Well as you may or may not know Wiggy and Gareth have swapped their clubhouse days - so Gareth will be running Wednesdays whilst Wiggy will runs Friday for the foreseeable future. 

As Shez is on his holidays this week - Kirstie and Gareth will be creating a chilli and taco dish for your dining pleasure (Gareth will probably be acting in a mainly non-cooking role on this you may be pleased to hear!!).

Also, for this Wednesday we are remembering the following event which happened and drinking a few beers to their memory (although I don't think we will get through 135,000 gallons!!!)
  • Nine people were killed in the London Beer Flood. (1814) A 135,000-gallon (about 610,000-liter) vat of beer at the Meux and Company Brewery in London (UK) exploded, causing several other vats to explode in unison. More than 323,000 gallons (almost 1.5 million liters) of beer exploded into the street, killing nine people and destroying two homes and a neighbouring pub wall.
So join us down at the club and see who can wrench the remote off Gareth and change the channel from Clubland TV!!!

Bavarian Beerhouse – Oktoberfest Celebration – October 18th from 7 pm

Oktoberfest only comes around once a year so we should make the most of it. There is free entry on this night.  Please RSVP if you would like to attend and we can book the seats. I have booked for 25 and we currently have 20 people attending, so there are still 5 places!!!  I will contact the Beerhouse on Wednesday the 17th to modify the booking so please email me, socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com if you’ve changed your mind about being able to attend!  We can have multiple tabs going so it won't be a nightmare to split the bill at the end of the night. 

We'll be going to the Old Street location with a booking at 7 pm. Please try to get there around 7 if you can please!


Wiggy’s Weekend Warm-Up – Friday 18th of October
Come on down to start the weekend right! There’ll be the usual - laughs, banter and drinks!  The clubhouse will be open from 19:30 onwards.

Clubhouse Open, Saturday 19th of October, Times:  TBC
There are 2 games on this Saturday with our first game on our home pitch!  The firsts play Maldon at home and the Llamas play Wanstead away.  The opening times are still TBC.  We’ll have more details regarding the kick-off times later in the week! 

Save the Date!

Halloween Party – 27th of October

Just some points:
  •        The party is from 3 onwards.
  •        Kids can attend until 8 pm
  •        There are 2 psychics that will be there from around 6 pm onwards.  They have over 40 years experience! They read tarot, photographs (digital or print), psychometry (able to hold an object and tell you about someone), and are mediums.  They are charging us a reduced rate of £25 per reading.
  •        There will be games and activities!
  •        We’ll have 3 teams out and coming back that day so things are sure to be really kicking off around 5.
  •        You’d have to pay to get into an event like this at most bars/pubs!
  •        Please feel free to invite your friends!!!
  •        Let me know if you’d like to help out, have any traditions from your home country, or would like to bring down some music!
  •        Join & invite others on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/events/465933203451520/
  •        Questions?  Email socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com

Pub Quiz – 4th of November, 7 pm on

The pub quiz is returning to Millwall Rugby Club with Mike Beech as quiz master!!!! The teams will consist of 4 people with first and runner's up prizes and there will be food served during the quiz.  Please join on Facebook or email me at socialsecretary@millwallrugby.com if you are planning on attending!


Merchandise Survey
We’re looking to sell some merchandise for supporters of Millwall Rugby Club that you can wear every day or on the side of the pitch while you’re cheering the teams on.  Please click on this link and let us know your interests.

RFU Grand Draw (Lights Fund)

Raffle Update:
Great News: We now have the actual raffle tickets in hand, So anyone who has pre-ordered - thank you very much for your support and Gareth will be getting them to you in the post asap.
We are also working on getting a webpage set up in the next few weeks where people can buy them on-line so watch out for that.

As a club we get to keep 90% of the sales. This year our main focus for the fundraising will be for floodlights. However as an added incentive - the Mens and Ladies teams have a target to sell, and if they reach their target they get to keep 10% of the sales value to spend on whatever they want - so the more the teams sell, the more they have to spend!!!

So players - Speak to Shaf, Louise or your respective team managers to find out more information about this incentive.

In the coming week we also hope to be able to get a web-page set up as well where you can buy tickets.

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  1. Great idea merging the adult and youth halloween parties with U18s allowed until 8pm.