Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Clubhouse Openings over this week and the Xmas/NY period


To ready you for imbibing plenty of Christmas spirit  - the club will be open during the following times over the period.

Wed 18th Dec - Wiggy Wednesday - DM MW open from 7.30PM
Usual training may be cancelled for the Men, but Wiggy is running a special training session consisting of drink and curry for all you finely honed athletes out there, he will also be talking people into signing up for the momentous Millwall tour to Portugal in 2014!!! We'll see you there....

Fri 19th Dec - Adrienne's 'pre-Xmas Friday' - DM AM open from 7.30PM
Adrienne will be opening the club for the last Friday before Xmas - I'm sure for many of you it will be your last day of work before the Xmas break so come down to the club and start your 2 week holiday/hangover in style!! 
Sat 20th Dec to Tues 30th Dec - CLOSED
The club is planned to be CLOSED - If any trained DM's wish to open over this period, please contact Ryan or Gareth to confirm. The bar is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and without these we cannot open.

Please also ensure that the opening is advertised on facebook/email/blog with as much notice as possible to make our members aware there is refuge from the in-laws and family available. ;-)
Wed 31st Dec to 1st Jan early hours (application pending) - NYE - DM Various open from ??
We are opening the club for New Years Eve, and we have applied for a late licence.
Will we beat the record takings from the Xmas Party?
There is only 1 way you can find out, by coming down - Lets go to work!!
Sat 4th Jan - DM RK open from 3pm
Ryan will be opening the clubhouse so we can all come down and watch the 2nds start their new year campaign off at home.

Normal service will be resumed after the 4th Jan (i.e. Wed, Fri and Sat openings). Please contact Ryan or Gareth if you want to help out and be trained as either bar staff or duty managers.

Have a great Xmas and New Year

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