Thursday, 5 December 2013

Player Development Night Notes

Player Development and Coaching Night

Last Tuesday night we kicked off the Player Development and Coaching Development Programs. We had a good attendance which included Darren Morrant, the Essex Coaching Coordinator

Content of the Night

We talked about

  • what player development is
  • where coaching fits into that
  • Opportunities for players to understand more about technique and CPD courses
  • The RFU coaching structure
  • The Laws and how Millwall can save points in games
  • we looked briefly at video from the Women's game against East London and the Mens England V ROW game last year and how players could improve individually and as a team 


If you'd like to see the presentation I used, please have a look here. The videos are on You Tube, mens and women's games

Some Notes from the Night

  • Players are interested in more technical training and would like to see Monday nights being devoted to more of this. We could do them once or twice per month, more if the interest is there
  • Coaching is one part of player development. Its also important players get a chance to learn from fellow players, reading, videos etc
  • Players and coaches are interested in doing the CPDs e.g. Scrum Factory, Back Play from Set Pieces, Maul and Ruck, Game Planning. Darren can help us attend these, maybe get some at Millwall
  • Once players do a CPD, they could come back on a Monday night and do some sessions on what was learned
  • We could have 4 circuits of training drills ranging from simple for beginners to more complicated for more advanced 
  • We'd video some things e.g the back's moves and replay them in the clubhouse
  • The Laws are a key part of the game and we'd like to understand more about them and how to stay on the right side of them 


Rugby Ready
The Rugby Ready course is confirmed for Sunday January 19th, 9am to 12noon. Please keep it free and email if interested. We can tell you when the course is bookable.

Level 1
Please book onto the Cranleigh course as its the first suitable one that is close - Jan 19, Feb 2nd, 16 Feb or for those on Rugby Ready on 19th, there are other courses

which Players can also do together with  Rugby Ready

  • Scrum Factory, 
  • Back Play from Set Pieces, Maul and Ruck, 
  • The Lineout Game 

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