Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Clubhouse openings this week (w/c 9/12)


Last weekend saw a fantastic performance both on and off the pitch with the 1sts winning 29-7, the 2nds with a massive 85-0 blowout victory and the 3rds with a narrow loss 17-15. Off the field the Christmas Party was a big one and we also managed to find our way to a cheeky mention in Rugby World (see the facebook page for pictures of both). 

This week we have two  away games:
1sts - week off since Phantoms dropped out the league
2nds @ Loughton
3rds @ Southend
The club will be open this week during the following times this week;

Wednesday - Hargreaves Hump Day - DM GH open from 7.30PM
Gareth's back to help you with training....for mid week Xmas drinking. There will be curry ordered to arrive at 9pm for those of you who are interested. Please note that there will also be a local community meeting held in the clubhouse from 6.30-8pm.
Also, there is a players meeting following training tomorrow night. This is your opportunity to have your say about how the club is run and where you would like ot see the club developing in the next year. It is important that as many people make it down as possible, it's straight after training and will be short so no excuses!

Friday - Karen's Weekend Warmup - DM KA open from 7.30PM
Karen will be opening this Friday to ease you into the weekend!  

Saturday - DM GH - open from 5PM until 11PM
Normal Saturday Service is resumed following the all time record weekend that was the christmas party last week. Due to te fact that there are no home games this weekend, the clubhouse will not open until 5pm.
Mr Shorrock and family are back in the UK and he has promised to make an appearance in the clubhouse on Saturday. 
He assures me that this is not just to avoid paying the shipping charges on the Millwall calendars we are selling over the bar for just £8 and around the world for just slightly more (AUS, NZ, CAN and the far reaches of the UK - isn't that right Perry?).  
So if you have already ordered your calendar, please come and pick it up, or buy one asap (as we are not sure how often we will be open over the Xmas period and you don't want to 'disappoint' your intended recipient) ;-)
We are also looking for volunteers to help her run and help out behind the bar both over this weekend and over the Xmas period. The bar is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and without these we cannot open. So if you are bar trained, please email ryan@millwallrugby.com letting him know what time you can give.

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