Wednesday, 20 August 2014

30th August Social Event - Bowls afternoon with the bowling club next door

Our friendly local bowls club has invited us to join them for a friendly game of bowls on their green right next to our rugby club!

North Greenwich Bowls Club (It's not in today's "North Greenwich")
Address: 197 E Ferry Rd, London E14 3AY (yes, this is just by Canary Wharf College, alongside our railway arches).

  • Arrive from 13:00 onwards
  • Bowling starts at 15:00
  • Beers throughout
  • BBQ after bowling commences timing depending on demand

Points to note:

  • It will be mixed bowling: our hosts plan to split teams with pros and Millwall Rugby Club members to mix it up a bit and give everyone a chance to learn form the experts
  • Cash-only bar: please bring enough or be prepared for the long hike to Equinox
  • Please bring £5 for BBQ.
  • Trainers only: their pitch is a lot better quality than ours
  • Please try to wear some sort of "bowling" Whites if you can; as far as I am aware helmets, pads and a box aren't necessary. Shorts and skirts ARE allowed, the only fixed rule is no heels on the green, trainers or plimsoles only.
Exact location:

Posted on behalf of Ed
Social Secretary
Millwall Rugby Club

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