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Physio & First Aid News August 23rd

To All Current and New Season Student Physios, Physios and First Aiders

(and Players and members who are interested)

Hello Everyone

The first game is one week away, next Saturday August 30th, and things are going very well as we prepare for the season ahead. 35 of you have expressed an interest, there are 18 or so on the rotas already so here is an update for you on some items.


First Aid Course Open - Sunday September 21st

The initial First Aid course is open. It's a rugby specific course at our clubhouse, costing £65, half of which the club will refund to you when you do 8 games or massage sessions and its run for the RFU by STA. We have 10 spaces reserved and the course can hold up to 15. Book by calling Andrew Beech, Customer Advisor, STA, D: +44 (0)1922 748389 and tell him you are from Millwall Rugby Club
Facebook Event

Taping Course Open - Sunday Oct 5th

The first Taping course is also now open, it's a one day course run by Proactive, costing £80, again half of which the club will refund when you do 8 games or massage sessions. We ask that everyone goes on the course as taping is a very useful skill to have through the season.

Book  via the Proactive Website and pay £80 with your name

Bank - Barclays
Company name - Proactive Training Ltd
Sort Code - 20 90 74
Account number – 30554537

NB: please reference all online payments with your full name
Facebook Event

As of Thursday, the following were confirmed on the course
1. Abby Potter
2. Ambika Kumar
3. Charlie Potter
4. Damian Purcell
5. Damini Halai
6. Edwin Lam
7. Eilidh Rutherford
8. Paul Cheney
9. Sally Dixson

We will run additional courses for First Aid and Taping so everyone has a chance to be qualified.

Party Night and Fundraising - Oct 11

Millwall Rugby is a very friendly social club and on Saturday Oct 11th, we'll have a party; physios, student physios and all can meet our players and social members. We'll do food and fundraising via raffles, auctions and party games and the money raised will go towards you, reducing the course fees above, providing additional courses and training, buying polo shirts, equipment etc. Based on last year, it will cost you little or nothing as the players often buy drinks and our target to raise will be £350. Invite your friends and fellow students, our drinks prices are very reasonable (e.g. cider £2.30 a pint currently) and any bar profits go back into the club including us. I will need some help arranging it though, please let me know if you are interested and we'll join with the club's social secretary team. Please "Join" the Event on the main club's Facebook page here

Merchandise & Sponsorship

I'm getting physio, student physio and first aid tops and polo shirts and other items set up for you in our club shop, they'll have Millwall branding and be exclusive to this team, identifying you as a student physiotherapist and/or First Aider. We provide smocks for the games so you can be safely recognised on the pitch but you can also buy other items yourself; t-shirts start at £11, polos will be from £18 and there are many other items. Having the student\First Aid identification will protect you and the club from any confusion and you can buy the regular club tops as well.

As well as the fundraising above, I'm looking for sponsorship and other funding to reduce costs for you. If you know of companies, bars or individuals who would be interested in sponsoring the Physio & First Aid team in terms of courses, taping, tops etc, please pass my details onto them, we have a member who is a professional in this area and will then arrange the details. We'll cater for all ranges from £20 to £20,000!

Professionals and Training Night with Partner Physios

This year, we'll be partnering with a number of qualified physio practises and other specialists, both to provide services to the players and masterclasses\training to student physios so you can learn and work safely under supervervision.

We're finalising the details but these currently include

  • Fusion PhysioTherapy's Director and Lead physio, Laura Rathbone, who specializes in pain sciences and combines physio with a background of pilates. Some of you will recognise Laura from her teaching at Kings, she will provide clinics for players\members where you can take part and also do master classes with us.
  • Kinetic Clinic's Director and Senior Physio - Francesco Contiero, where the focus of the treatment is osteopathy combined with functional rehabilitation and biomechanics. Franco is also a passionate lecturer and will do training\lectures with the first being on Thursday October 2nd
  • Paul Cheney - Sport Injury Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Andy Liu - Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Others TBC including national team and Premiership club physios

If you know of others, especially those who would be willing to volunteer time with us, please send them my details. Doing perhaps one or two session in the season per volunteer physio would be very useful to you\us.

Player Baseline 

Laura is setting up a baseline evening with the players where we'll measure the players pre-season speed, agility, flexibility and strength & stamina and thus have a reference point for later in the season (and no doubt provide players and coaches with some amusement!). She will be offering you the opportunity to take part and learn its usefulness to physiotherapy, watch out for further details.

Open Nights

We've already had the first Open Night last Wednesday when 7 of you came down and chatted to Laura, Paul and I and we'll have two more, Wednesday September 10th and Wednesday September 24th. Its open to everyone including any friends or fellow students, sign up via the Facebook event

Open Day, Games and Massage Rota

Both of these are filling very well now and there are still spaces including our club Open Day on Saturday
September 6th.

This is a club-wide open day to attract in new members and provide a playing and social day for current members. We'll have both a full 15-side pre-season game for the men against local side Greenwich and a touch rugby tournament and will require First Aid for the day. Add your name to the rota, it's one of our biggest game related days in the year and there will a party in the clubhouse afterwards. Drop in with friends, the whole point is to invite new members


On the rotas, please be careful not to delete or alter already existing items. It's not the end of the world if you do as the sheet has a history but please try and avoid it. Also, if you are interested, sign up and if later we have to change it, we can do that.


As there are quite a few of you, I may need to prioritise some things e.g. who goes on courses first so here are some guidelines. 
  •  Number of games\massage sessions completed
  •  Number of games\massage sessions committed to
  •  People who willing to do Away games, Women's and Youth games, 2nds and 3rds
  •  Prior relevant experience and courses 

I will also need to balance numbers for games so all teams have some coverage and the same people get to travel with the same team. I'll pair you up until you're happy to do it on your own steam.

Insurance Update

First Aid

You are covered for First Aid through the club's RFU insurance and if your First Aid qualification is done through our rugby specific course above by STA, you'll have an additional level of cover.

Sports Massage

You'll be covered for this with your CSP membership, training course and £35 insurance policy.

Here are the guidelines from the CSP:
"Many students undertake sports massage work separate to their physiotherapy studies, and associate members may practice sports massage outside of their physiotherapy related work.
Due to demand, the CSP has brokered a separate sports massage insurance policy that students and associate members can purchase in addition to their CSP PLI for £35 a year.
In order to be eligible to purchase the separate cover you must:

  •  Be a current student and/or associate member of the CSP
  •  Hold one of these qualifications:
  •               Level 3 (or higher) Sports Massage Certificate from Sports Massage Association Accredited Schools
  •              Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Certificate from VTCT, ITEC or CIBTAC
  •  Retain your certificate of sports massage qualification as proof of eligibility to purchase the scheme
  •  No other qualifications are acceptable

The premium paid covers a fixed 12 month period from July one year to June the following year. A pro-rata premium is payable for those who take out the policy mid-term. Renewals will come directly to you provided you are still a CSP student and/or associate member.
Student members do not need to continue their separate sports massage policy once they are registered with the HCPC as a registered physiotherapist and they have moved into a 'practicing member' category of CSP membership (either B or C categories). Qualified physiotherapists do not need separate 'sports massage' PLI as this activity is covered under the terms of the main CSP PLI scheme."


You'll be covered for treatment etc if you work under the supervision of an appropriately qualified and insured physiotherapist. Laura can provide this cover.

Calendar Summary

  •  Sunday September 21st, 9am to 5pm, First Aid Training 
  •  Wednesday September 10th, Open Night, 7-8.30pm 
  •  Wednesday September 24th, Open Night, 7-8.30pm 
  •  Thursday October 2nd, Lecture\Training night. 
  •  Sunday October 5th, 9am to 5pm, Taping course .
  •  Saturday October 11th - Party Night for Physios & Members 
  •  Sunday October 19th, 9am to 5pm, First Aid course #2 - TBC (I'd like to move it earlier)
  •  TBC Taping Course #2

I hope that's useful for you, I'm delighted that you are talking part with us and look forward to meeting those of you who I've not met already.

If any reason e.g. time\study commitments, sports physio not being attractive any more etc etc and you'd rather not get these emails and use Facebook instead, please let me know, I understand.

Join or use our Facebook site



Tim McDonagh
First Aid Officer
Millwall Rugby Club
75 Manchester Road - London - E14 3DN
+44 7795 436715 -

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