Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Post or Pre Rehabilitation Programs


(Please note the following service which Paul can offer to Millwall members)

In recent weeks it has become evident that a large number of players are either suffering from slight or debilitating injuries and with no way during training to administer a rehab programs; I have decided to offer everyone specialised programs and/or sessions

These could either be held in the gym (Greenwich) for which I have a practice or St Davids Square.

I will offer.

  • Inform you on the underlining problem and a time frame for when you can expect to recover.  (Diagnosis & Prognosis)
  • 1 to 1 sessions to quicken your recovery and strengthening; designed specifically with rugby in mind.
  • A Program designed to perform on days we can’t meet
  • Pre-Rehab sessions designed to prevent injury occurring in the 1st place
  • Massage if or when required 

Due to time and expenses this can’t be offered free of charge but I can offer a discount.

Prices are:

  • £35 per session usually £50 
  • £50 for one off sessions & Programs
  • Massage £40 performed at St Davids Square. 

This would also include a £6.99 entrance fee to the Greenwich Gym for non-members only.

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