Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Selection - Why you need to tell us your availability so early in the week

Our fixture secretary has a difficult job to do in making sure each team in the club has a match each week. But it's made more difficult for him and your team managers if you don't give your availability until late in the week.


Because he has to give an indication to the league on a TUESDAY at 6pm whether or not we'll have enough players for a game that week.


So that pitches can be cancelled without penalty charges and league oppositions know whether we are playing.  If we confirm a game on a Tuesday and end up cancelling later in the week, then we have to waste your money on pitches we can't use and sometimes also on transport/catering etc.

What you need to do to help

So, if you know you definitely ARE, or definitely AREN'T available to play on a Saturday, please let us know on a MONDAY.  If there is a particular reason why you're a still a "maybe", it can sometimes help if you explain when you'll know for sure. Please don't be one of those people we have to phone up each week to ask.

What is the committee going to do about it?

Your team managers will start asking you after games and at Monday night training if you are available for the following week, which we think should help us avoid problems with fixtures.

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