Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thirst Aid raises £490!

We raised £490!

What a fantastic night last Saturday was when so many of us came together to meet the new Physios, Sports Rehab specialists, Physio students and others and raise money towards the Physio students training costs and First Aid within the club.

Both aims were a massive success with lots of fun and games to get everyone mingling and then we had the fund raising itself. Our target was £350 and we well and truly smashed that, raising £490* overall between the night and donations which is a huge achievement for a club of our size for one night. Additionally, the bar takings for the night will be one of the biggest since the Open Day, adding funds to the club overall.

How the Money Will Be Spent

The money will now be spent as follows

  • Student Refunds (10 x £25) - £250
  • Future Training Costs e.g. guest lecturers - £100
  • Smocks Top (1 x 35 + post) - £40
  • Medical Screen - £60
  • Sports Massage Equipment - £40

This will benefit both the Physio students and members.


Thanks are due to everyone who came along on the night, most especially the Physio students, and those who helped organise and run the night including Kate and Ed, for overall organisation, Andrew for posters and promotion, Flex for the raffle, Myles for Beer Pong, Charlie for Pizzas, the three DMs and all the bar staff, GG for the Boat Race, Stui on the music, the raffle ticket sellers, shot sellers, Robin for his welcome, Kate and Kazu for the carnival game, and donation of Sake, all those who donated prizes or helped in any way or just came on the night!

Donations - make it a round £500

* If you'd like to give £10 and make it a round £500 or indeed make a further donation, please contact  me on or donate directly to the club via our Charity and we can get the additional Gift Aid


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