Friday, 7 November 2014

Introduce a new player in 2014 and get £20.14 to spend at the bar!

As part of the club's recent adult recruitment efforts, we need YOUR help!

We'd like you to contact your friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours; anyone you know who is interested in playing rugby and encourage them to come along and try a training session and then encourage them to join as a club member.

If you bring them along to participate in any adult training session, touch rugby session or Rugby Basics session before the end of 2014 AND persuade them to join straight away, we'll give you £20.14 to spend at the bar as a thank you!

Just contact to introduce your new member to us.


  • You need to be a paid-up, current club member yourself.
  • Over 18s only.
  • You must bring a new member to any adult training session, touch rugby session or Rugby Basics session, or as a player on a match-day before 31st December 2014 and they must participate as a player or beginner.
  • The new player must join and pay membership within 4 weeks of first coming along to their session/game.

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