Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Time to come back to training?

The RFU coach visited again tonight to run a men's training session on the park and we had reasonably good numbers again, which was great.  But we'd still like to have more of you out there training each Monday and Wednesday, as Cookie has said in his weekly updates.

For me tonight, it was a return to training after a bit of a break (=understatement of the year). 

The RFU coaches are running our men's training on Wednesdays at the moment we are really lucky that they are able to do this for us (at no cost to the club).  On Mondays we are still training but running it ourselves.

As they say a club that trains together plays well together and we are keen to see more Llamas and third team players turning up to training too.  It's good for the club and good for you too, and we should start to see the benefits on the pitch on Saturdays.

The RFU coach has asked me to reiterate to players, that training is not just for first team squad and they are able to adjust the content of the sessions to suit the people who turn up, so that means if we have a good split of first and second/third team players, they will split the activity to make it appropriate to all.  Everyone will be welcomed.

So there really is no reason not come back to training...  The club needs you!

If not now, when?... will you be there next Wednesday?

Communications Officer 
(who has EVEN been to training this week)

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