Saturday, 15 November 2014

Touch Rugby Tournament Tomorrow (Sun 16th Nov)

Just a note to let you know that we now have enough people registered to play tomorrow, so it will definitely be happening.  We would still like more of you to register, and indeed we definitely need some more women to register so we can play proper mixed touch rugby.

Please register here.

Just a few points of admin:

  1. No metal studs allowed - you need plastic studded/bladed football- or rugby- or touch-boots. If you don't have boots, trainers are fine, but be aware the ground is muddy and slippery.
  2. Bring water to drink. Bring a plastic bin bag to keep your bag dry if it rains (rain will not stop play!).  Bring a warm, dry change of clothes for afterwards in case you get muddy.
  3. It's competitive but its about having fun and Flex reserve's the right to mix up the teams a bit to make sure this happens.
  4. If you haven't registered please do so. It really helps us plan the teams. Please register here.
  5. Registered players need to arrive at 12.30pm so we can warm up and issue instructions for a prompt 1pm start.  The tournament will end at 3pm, so that the quiz can begin at 3.15/3.30pm for a 4pm latest start.
  6. If you don't register it's OK to come along still, but please arrive a little earlier at 12.15 to allow us to adjust the teams to accommodate.
  7. If you haven't ever played touch rugby before, please arrive at 12.15pm and tell us you're new and that you need to be taught how to play.  (It will be much harder to give you proper tuition if you arrive after 12.30pm).
  8. It's free of charge to play this week
  9. Bring £2 to enter the puz quiz afterwards
  10. Have fun.
If you have any questions, contact or phone Flex on 07734 103610.

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