Monday, 28 September 2015


Last year seems to only have been yesterday as once again we are reminded to drink unfeasibly large glasses of beer by the erection of a huge Teepee on Millwall Park.

Join us again as we partake in oompah music, bier and sausages at the Oktoberfest on Millwall Park. The organisers have agreed to accommodate us and are willing for us to advertise in the beer hall itself.

This is a prime opportunity for us to gain a local presence and get some free advertising whilst looking to recruit to help our team numbers for both men and ladies teams. Therefore it would be great if as many people can make this (ideally in Millwall attire/colours).


- Even though das schnorkel is german we can promise it wont be making an appearance, so Boris all is safe for you to attend.
- Millwall colours can be set off beautifully by Bierfest themed clothing so don't be afraid to come along dressed properly.

Please remember to accept and share/invite friends to the event so we get as many people down as possible.

WHEN? Thursday the 1st of October from 18:00 to 21:00
WHERE? The massive blue and yellow marquee on Millwall Park

see you there.......

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