Saturday, 19 September 2015

Turn your pictures into free beer!

Turn your photos into free beer!

How? All you need to do, is take a picture or video clip and share it publicly with the world on either Instagram or Twitter and remember to tag them with the hashtag #millwallrugby. Don't forget, your Twitter or Instagram account must be public/unprotected for this to work and you to win.

It could be a picture of one of our matches, or it could be a shot of a training session, or a touch rugby game. It could even be a fun picture of you and your friends watching a RWC game in our clubhouse. So long as you post it right away or within 24 hours of being taken.

Anything related to club activities.... and decent(!)... counts.

We will use your pictures on our website, social media and in our weekly match reports in the papers to help promote the club and recruit new members.

Once a week or thereabouts, we'll pick a photo or video of the week and put it on our website with your name. Just show the winning entry on your phone at the bar within two weeks of winning and you'll get one free drink. (Any beer, bottle, glass of wine, single spirit or soft drink).

We're going to run this until further notice to the contrary!

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