Friday, 22 January 2016

Volunteers with benefits

Volunteering at Millwall has benefits!

Did you know that regular volunteers at Millwall qualify for 50% off their annual membership fee? 
And did you also know that players who volunteer qualify for 50% off their match day subs?
So if you play at least 15 games a year, this discount could be worth £100 or more as a thank you for your time and effort.  

If you want to save some money on your membership, why not give a little of your time instead? If you want to know what might be involved in some of the various roles, take a look here.

Please email to find out how you could help.

This discount for volunteers was introduced in 2011. Here is a reminder of the rules as they currently stand:
  • The discount applies to all club management committee roles and all other elected positions automatically.
  • The discount is also also be available to all other club subcommittee members and volunteers, including unpaid coaches and unpaid referees providing it's supported by the relevant subcommittee chair (eg Men's Chair/Ladies' Chair/Youth Chair) and subsequent approval by CMC. It's up to the subcommittee chairs to identify the volunteers who should get this discount. While that happens a volunteer may need to pay the full amount and receive a rebate later following CMC approval.  
  • The discount now also applies to regular bar staff if approved per the above - (this change happened when we withdrew the clubhouse credit/free drink vouchers.)
  • The discount on subs applies as long as the committee member/volunteer continues to serve as such. A discounted membership shall remain valid as long as the committee member/volunteer continues to serve. 
  • The discount applies to all categories and methods of paying membership except life membership.

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