Saturday, 23 January 2016

We've blogged our way to 100,000 page views

Surprising as it may seem, we've recently hit a staggering 100,000 page views on our main club blog from all of you.... the global Millwall Rugby family.

Since our first post in 2010, we've written more than 850 blog posts which gives you an idea of how much effort we've put into member communication at the club.

One of our most popular blog posts was about our tastefully-nude 2014 Calendar with 421 visits.  Not far behind was a post about the Prime Ministerial visit from David Cameron & Lord Seb Coe.

Here are some stats for you (click to make them bigger):

All-time global visitors:

Your favourite browser is Chrome:

And most of you use a Windows PC or an iPhone to read our blog:

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