Monday, 9 May 2016

14th of May EVENT: Shill & Grill: Eurovision Song Contest and BBQ

Waterloo-ng time its been since last year's competition, and aren't we all looking forward to the spectacle of musical (maybe) brilliance (less likely) and talent (probably not) that is the Eurovision song contest.

We may be lacking the dulcic scornful tones of the late Terry Wogan but to make up for that and since it could possibly be sunny, the decision has been made to combine the fun and bizarre antics of Eurovision with the possibly more fun and substantially more bizarre antics of a Millwall Rugby Club BBQ.

Gr-abba burger and Conchita (Wurst!) for a fiver or one of either for 3 quid. Wash that down with a beverage of your choice* for example a Buck's Fizz (until we run out of J2O or prosecco). Then settle down for a night of amazement, disbelief and possible unusual interest in milkmaids from Poland or hard techno-baking russian grannies at the Shrill & Grill event.

*as long as it is available behind the bar.

See you there!!!
Bar opens at 18:00hrs

Place to go:
Millwall Rugby Club

75 Manchester Road, E14 3DN London, United Kingdom

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