Saturday, 21 May 2016

Millwall Rugby Club AGM results

Thanks to all those who attended the AGM today and a big thanks to those who volunteered to stand for positions. 

Please go to this link to see the full results. 

The headline roles are as follows:

Chairman                      Matt Bovaird
Secretary                      Kirstie Hargreaves
Treasurer                      Edna Schweizer
Men's Chair                   Tom Bradfield (Boris)
Ladies Chair                   Andrea Bielska
Youth Chair              Scott Vinnicombe
Communications Officer Paolo Memoli
Development Officer       James Newman
Clubhouse Officer           Paul Fisher
General Committee Member 1    Naz Harrison
General Committee Member 2    Dan Philips (Stalin)
Social Secretary             Kate Roy
Fixture Secretary            Mike Beech
1st Team Manager          Ronan Murray
2nd Team Manager        James Newman / Myles Walker / Jamie Fitzpatrick
3rd Team Manager         James Gough
Venus Manager              Edna Schweizer
O2 Touch Coordinator    (no nominees)

There are still a few positions to be filled and as usual we always need more volunteers on the bar and for various events, so please step up and help your club out.  Offer your time to any of the old or new committee and we'll point you to the right place. 

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