Friday, 13 May 2016

Thirst Friday the 20th of May - Shoreditch

Its that time of year again where fridays can become sacred havens of sunny drinking and not having to worry about which bus you will need to take to get to the club on saturday, where your kit is or what your name is when boris phones you to ask where you are. 

Therefore search for some good park benches in stratford, preplan your kebab shop crawl home and try to put the carrot cars app in an easy to find place on your mobile. Its the return of thirst friday!!

This month's will be on the 20th of May owing to the sheer amount of other stuff we have going on. Its also the last one before AGM so make sure you get your candidate out there canvassing and make sure the media focuses on my relationship with people who have been cabbageaphobic or threatened to to throw all lego toys into the sea in order to vote me out of my role as social secretary at the elections the day after.

Since its shoreditch skinny jeans, questionable haircuts and James Newman are acceptable, but only just ...

18:00 or close enough, starting bar is the bricklayers arms, 63 Charlotte Rd, London EC2A 3PE.

See you there.....

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