Monday, 10 January 2011

Focused, busy people sought

We're on the lookout for a few more volunteers to help run your club!

Busy Socialites

Ever wanted to work in marketing or event management?  At the moment, we're looking for someone to help out organise a few social events.  We've got the big ones covered off already (like the end of Season dinner), but we need someone to organise a few smaller club social events in our clubhouse, in local bars after work, a few recruitment events to get more venus or male players or even something like paintballing or a trip to watch a game.

Very busy but friendly & persuasive people

We're also looking for someone to help track our membership and make sure that all our new players get encouraged to join the club.  If you're into recruiting players, you could really help us grow our club and bring in much needed revenue.

Team Manager

We need an extra team manager too.  You don't need to be a player, but you are the man or woman who just makes everything work on match day.  You help our club captain to make sure we have a team, some transport and take water bottles, a ball, a first-aid kit etc.  You make sure everyone on the team sheet has paid the right membership & subs and you even get to stand on the touch line and substitute players!  We're happy for a team of two to share this stuff out; just as long as all the important stuff happens... we don't care how you do it.

"Get on and do it" people

Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually need to be unemployed to volunteer at Millwall!  But you do need to be organised, committed and open and honest enough just to ask for help if you're busy one week.  In fact we like busy people because they usually get things done quickly and tend to have a lot to bring the club.  If you are working a lot of hours at work, it is perfectly possible to help us out too, but you'll probably find you need to manage your time and be able to focus on the just the things that really matter.

Some of our past volunteers have even told us that the experience that gained from volunteering at the club has helped them make a career change or land a promotion!

If you're interested in helping us out, please drop Larry, our chairman a line by email at

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