Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Players on the bench

Following a meeting of the selection committee tonight, a point was raised as to whether a player selected for the  bench should be entitled to game time, or whether if a game is tight, it might be acceptable for someone to be kept on the bench.

The club's policy was clarified and it was agreed that all players selected for the Llamas, 3rd XV or 4th XV will be guaranteed a reasonable amount of game time and players on the pitch will be rotated with players on the bench to ensure that everyone gets game time who wants it.  This has always been a core part of the ethos of Millwall Rugby club and helps ensure that all club members feel motivated to make themselves available and turn up to play even if they've been selected for the bench.

In the interests of competing at the highest possible level, this policy will not be applied strictly for the First XV, but Coach Dave still anticipates that it will be possible to give most players game time, given the currently high standard of players selected for the team and the bench.

So please always makes yourself available if you want to play and we will do our best to ensure you get a good period of time on the pitch.

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