Sunday, 2 January 2011

General Meeting Cancelled & Club Captain Update

The General Meeting planned for 8th January for the purpose of electing a new Club Captain to the committee has been cancelled. The reasons for this are:
  1. We have not received any other nominations for the position.
  2. The club's constitution allows the committee to co-opt a committee position in certain circumstances without recourse to a General Meeting.
  3. Unfortunately we realised that we called the meeting just short of the 14 days notice our constitution requires for a General Meeting, so technically the meeting's validity could have been questioned at a later date.
In view of the excellent work done so far by Randall, and in the interests of saving our members' time, it is the committee's intention to coopt him formally to the position of club captain at a committee meeting later in January, unless we receive any other nominations for the post before 23:59 on Tuesday 18th January.

If you wish to stand as Club Captain, please address your nomination to no later than Tuesday 18th January.

Larry McCabe

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