Thursday, 27 January 2011

Player Representatives for the Committee

We're always keen to know what players think about the club and the way it's being run. You get the chance to elect a committee to represent you each May at the club's annual general meeting.

If there's anything you're concerned about in the club... here are the people you might want to talk to.... We've got player representatives in all the teams:


  • 1st XV Players: Randall Powell, Andrew Bates, Mike Beech
  • Llamas Players: Roberto Pescador (Bobfish), Nigel Webb (Flex), Matt Shorrock, Mike Beech, Randall Powell
  • 3rd XV Players: Mike Taylor, Andrew Hesselden, Mike Beech, Randall Powell
  • 4th XV Players: Barry Gray, Andrew Hesselden, Matt Shorrock, Mike Beech, Randall Powell
  • Venus Players: Lizzie Page, Andrew Bates, Mike Beech, Randall Powell

Randall Powell (Club Captain) to speak to about any training or coaching matters, but you're also welcome to talk to one of the representatives above.

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