Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year Reminder - Club maintenance tasks that need doing

We currently need people to:
  • Remainder of floor needs scrubbing - that's in the men's toilet and the corridor leading to it.  It we don't have volunteers, we will pay our cleaner to do it - this will be spending YOUR money.
  • Take wooden dressers and pool table to tip - we think it's harbouring a mouse somewhere
  • Repair picture frames (naughty people have broken the glass in some)
  • Set up a wifi network that can share a USB broadband dongle - Leigh Taylor kindly dealing with
  • Declutter
  • Clear out the office upstairs
  • Deep clean the nooks and crannies
  • Scrub the remaining parts of our floor - all it needs is some water, fairy liquid and a stiff brush and it comes up nice and clean - cleaner making progress on this
  • Deep clean the bar area
  • Remove the broken big toilet roll holders and replace with two simple domestic ones in each cubicle
  • Repair the cubicles in the men's toilets - Antonia Branston has volunteered! Thanks!
  • Repair sofa foot - Antonia Branston has volunteered! Thanks!
  • Replace the mirror in the men's toilets
  • Take some big bits of furniture and a broken toilet to the tip
  • Clean the big barbecue
  • Clean the portakabin
  • Replace the shelving and seating in the portakabin - Randall Powell is dealing with this - thanks!
  • Construct a new storage room/cupboard in the clubhouse alongside the cleaners' room
  • Relabel keys and identify locks that have missing keys
  • Repaint/touch up the paintwork
  • Clean the fridge (monthly - Sheridan dealing with - thanks!)
  • Clean the oven ( monthly - Sheridan dealing with - thanks!)
  • Someone to donate (or buy cheaply) speakers, an amplifier, microphone and wires to replace the ones we borrowed.
  • Someone set up the audio equipment (Gareth Parkhill dealing with - thanks!)
  • Scrape chewing gum off the bottom of the tables
  • Scrape chewing gum off the floors
  • Repair the mirror in the ladies' toilets
  • Replace 21 lightbulbs
  • Clean the glasswasher
  • Be available to receive new bar furniture at 11pm on Fri 19th Nov.
  • Help carry new bar furniture at 11pm on Fri 19th Nov.
  • Clear out the cleaners' room
  • Deep clean the kitchen and remove anything the club doesn't really need in a kitchen (done by Sophie & Sarah and Brigitte - thanks!)
...and probably much more.

PLUS... here is a second list of repair jobs we currently need help with: click here.

So if you can help with any of these tasks, please get in touch.  We can't afford to spend your membership money on anyone to do them, but we can cover the cost of raw materials etc.


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