Sunday, 22 January 2012

Important reminder - approved bar volunteers list

Please be reminded that as per the notice of 23rd November 2011 there is a clear policy in place that limits the people allowed to "duty manage" the bar to a set list of approved bar volunteers.  This permanent list remains unchanged as follows:

  • All CMC members (currently Dave, Andrew, Edna, Randall, Louise, Scott and Ryan)
  • Martin (Wiggy) Ward
  • Sheridan Cryer
  • Gareth Parkhill
  • Sophie Buckman
  • Mike Beech
  • Andrea Bielska
  • Paul Fisher

These people are all responsible for a range of tasks which include unlocking and locking correctly, ensuring non-members are signed in, ensuring U18s are not served alcohol, cashing up properly, cleaning bar area, cleaning glasses, wiping down tables and seating, clearing up breakages, changing barrels correctly in the correct order, restocking fridges and are overall responsible for the operation of the premises. These people are expected to use their judgement to ensure that the clubhouse code of conduct is observed at all times. This list is not exhaustive. All of the above are responsible for obtaining the correct training from Edna and Ryan to carry out these duties properly.

Only people on this list are authorised to open the bar door, raise the bar shutters or access the safe.  Other club volunteers, team managers, coaches etc needing access to the upstairs office, may unlock the kitchen and upstairs office but not the bar.  Any breach of this will be treated by the club seriously and may invoke club disciplinary procedures.

Any handover during a shift from one approved duty manager/volunteer to another must be clearly agreed between them to ensure the bar will be closed up properly.

Other bar volunteers

Other club members may serve on the bar provided that one of the people on the above list is present at all times.  Members are asked to be understanding if it becomes necessary to close the bar if the duty manager is not able to remain open.

Any deviation from this policy (such as appointment of a temporary duty manager to take responsibility for all the usual tasks) may only be authorised in at the Chairman or Secretary and permission must be given explicitly for each and every occasion.  Any permanent additions to this list must be agreed by the Chairman or Secretary and may be revoked at any time.

These rules may appear onerous, but are intended to protect the club's assets and the good operation of the clubhouse facility for the good of all members.

22nd January 2012

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