Friday, 6 January 2012

6 repair jobs we need someone to do for us

One of our new white leather sofas is missing a foot and the frame is broken - we think it could be repaired by someone who is handy with wood. Can you do this for us?  You can do it any time the clubhouse is open and we have tools upstairs in the office.  Please... is this something you can help us with? ---Antonia Branston has kindly offered to do this for us! - thanks!

URGENT! Men's cubicles..... It's now completely damaged and will now be a more expensive job to put right.  It needs taking to pieces and then filling with some wood filler or something like that and reattaching.  It's been like this for some time but will probably take someone less than an hour to fix.  It's already got worse and if we have to buy new cubicles, it could cost upwards of £500.  Is this the job for you?   --- Both Jack Cooper and Antonia Branston have kindly offered to do this for us! - thanks! ---- 

Next, we have an URGENT job in the left men's cubicle.  When the toilet blocks, water comes out from behind the toilet and leaks over the floor.  The waste pipe needs sealing back onto the toilet.  Probably some silicon sealant will do the job.

Next... the door frame as you enter the men's toilets has split and need repair or replacement.  The screws are loose and the frame moves every time the door moves.

Next, we've found someone has broken the lock on the disabled toilet (little black turner thingy is broken) - there is a risk now of someone getting trapped in there.  Can you replace the handle and bolt for us?  We can reimburse you for materials as with all of these jobs.

Lastly, there is a job in the ladies' loo - the left hand sink leaks if water is left in the sink (ie if the plug is left in).  This is because there is a leak around the waste where it joins the ceramic sink.  Can you spare 30 mins to take the waste trap/pipe to pieces and re-seal this for us?  ---Jake reckons all it needs is some "plumbers' mait"

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  1. The lights on the far side of the paddock need fixing pronto. I think it should be an easy fix.

    I can point out where I think the issue is if we have an electrician (I have a degree in electrical engineering so know some stuff but am not a qualified electrician with kit).