Friday, 13 January 2012

Key Amnesty

We will shortly be changing the locks on the clubhouse shutters, and anyone requiring a key should contact to make arrangements to exchange your key.

Cost of cutting keys

Replacing keys that have not been handed in costs the club a lot of your membership money - typically £3 per key.

If you have any club keys (for doors, portakabin, gates, cupboards) that you no longer require, could you please hand them in at the bar in a sealed envelope marked for my attention so the bar staff can place them in my pigeon hole.  We have envelopes in the clubhouse if you need one.

In particular we are looking for the following keys which have been lost:

  • Lions cupboard 1
  • Lions cupboard 2
  • 194 Confiscations
  • 525 CMT 2
If we are unable to locate these keys we will need to break and change the locks at further time, effort and cost.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Andrew Hesselden
Club Secretary

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