Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Clubhouse Openings and Announcements - week of 28/01/13

This week’s clubhouse openings and announcements!

Clubhouse Openings

Wiggy Wednesday – Wednesday, 30th of January, open at 19:30

Missed Wiggy Wednesday?  Well, you’re in luck!  This Wednesday Wiggy will be opening the clubhouse for all to come down and have a good time.  Beginning to get tired of dry January, well it’s nearly over folks so why not celebrate all of your good work by treating yourself to a drink?  Also, one of our exiles will be down at the clubhouse on Wednesday night, Hamish Mitchell is returning from the US since he missed Wiggy Wednesdays and Millwall so much.  He’ll be around for the night so come on down and say hi.

Chef Shezza will be cooking up a beef noodle soup (fillet of beef, noodles, mushrooms & bok choy). Get your orders in early to avoid disappointment as this is sure to sell out!!

We are still looking for Duty Managers (DMs) to volunteer and keep the clubhouse open.  Gareth will continue to lead DM training and will be training Hoff and Larry this week (Thanks for signing up!)

Wiggy’s Weekend Warm Up– Friday, 1st of February, open at 19:30

Not had enough of Wiggy on Wednesday, well you don’t have to wait a week as he’s opening the clubhouse on Friday too!  February heralds the return of Friday’s being open at the clubhouse and the official end of dry January!  So come on down and enjoy the clubhouse atmosphere and get your liver ready for 6 Nations!!!

Clubhouse Open – Saturday, 2nd of February, open at 1 pm

This Saturday the clubhouse is open and we have our own Thirds on the home pitch with the 2nds away.  Also, we’ll be showing the 6 Nations games!  The kick offs for the Ireland vs. Wales game is at 1:30 and the England vs. Scotland game starts at 4. Get out and support our teams and watch some rugby on the tv!

Clubhouse Open – Sunday, 3rd of February, open at 2:30

Don’t know where to watch the Italy vs. France game? Well, you’re in luck.  The clubhouse will be open on Sunday for those that want to see the game! The game kicks off at 3 pm.
Hungry for a roast dinner on Sunday?  The Ferry House will be opening the restaurant between 12:30 and 6 pm, so come down and support one of your own.

Upcoming Events!

House of Commons

It’s getting near the time to start thinking about dusting off your fancy party shoes for the House of Commons End of Season Dinner.  A tentative date has been set and we are just waiting on confirmation to formally announce the date. 

The big question is where we should have the after party?  Please email any suggestions to .  Thanks everyone!



Please follow the Millwall Rugby Club on Linkedin.  Also, a Millwall Rugby Club group has been set up so join and be linked to other members for potential networking opportunities.

Request for Help

For this Wednesday & next Gareth will be available to train (or re-train) anyone who wants to become a Duty Manager (DM) and is able to commit to closing the club at least 1 in 8 Saturdays (the more people we get, the more we can share the weekends).  If you want to volunteer for this, please email letting him know which date you can make and turn up at 7pm. We are running this training in order to get as many people trained up before the 6 Nations peak-period. 

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