Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Clubhouse Openings - Week of 14/01/13

This week’s clubhouse openings!

Clubhouse Openings
Hargreaves Hump Day – Wednesday, 16th of January, open at 19:30
Message from Gareth:  Hi all HHD Followers,

Just a quick email to let you know what is going on this Wednesday.....Guinness is still only £1.40 a pint!!

To mix things up a bit this HHD will be a Wiggy Wednesday!!!

Shez will be creating KraPow for your dining pleasure for din-dins - Why not wash it down with Guinness at £1.40 a pint??

And we are celebrating/recognising the following fascinating facts for this Wednesday in history -
  • In 1919 – The Temperance movement: The United States ratifies the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, authorizing Prohibition in the United States one year after ratification. - Why not celebrate with a pint of Guinness at £1.40 a pint??
  • 1969 – Neil Back, England rugby player was born
  • 2013 - We are half-way through dry January - Why not celebrate with a pint of Guinness at £1.40 a pint??
  • 2013 - Guinness is only £1.40 a pint at Millwall Rugby Club (while stocks last).
Request for Duty Manager (DM) volunteers.
We are really short of DM's to cover opening and closing the club over the weekends. To try to help alleviate this I will be running DM training sessions for people who are able to commit to at least 1 weekend opening/closing per month (the more people who step-up, the less often we will have to do it).

If you are willing to help, please email me to let me know you are interested (or ring me) and let me know which of the next 3 Wednesdays you can make. A big thanks to Sarah McCabe and Flex for volunteering so far - it is really appreciated and will help me concentrate on my Sky Sports News appearance skills!!!

See you there (drinking Guinness @ £1.40 a pint) ;-)


P.S. Drink Guinness @ £1.40 a pint responsibly

Clubhouse Closed – Friday, 18th of January

The Clubhouse is closed for the month of January on Fridays.

Clubhouse Open – Saturday, 19th of January, Time TBC

Come on down and hang out and enjoy the atmosphere and drinks at the clubhouse this Saturday!

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