Monday, 7 January 2013

Stuart Lancaster launches Natwest RugbyForce in MRFC Clubhouse

National RFU\Natwest Event Launch and Press Conference, January 14th, in MRFC

Stuart Lancaster is coming to our clubhouse next Monday, January 14th to launch this year's Natwest RugbyForce program which is quite an honour for our relatively small club and which we can all be proud of, past and present members. Out of the 3000 or so clubs in the RFU, they chose Millwall (perhaps not knowing all about our "The Point of Monte Cristo"!)   

He's happy to meet Millwall members and pose for photos at 3.45pm if you can come down. The photos will be used for publicity so we could get Millwall in the national press!

RugbyForce is a partnership between the RFU and Natwest to help clubs at the grassroots of the game to improve their facilities, and give guidance on making their club a more sustainable business and this year there is an increased commitment with Stuart Lancaster, England's national team manager, joining the initiative.  NatWest RugbyForce, is part of RBS RugbyForce.

We were selected as we're a typical grassroots club and like many, we could do with a bit of a helping hand, we're in Central London, in an area that has lots of rugby growth potential where we can get grow given support. The event will be attended by senior RFU and RBS representatives, our President, Mr Jim Fitzpatrick MP, as well as rugby journalists from national and local papers and TV who will then go onto their Annual Sports Writer's Dinner near Tower Bridge. The Essex RFU are also delighted we've been selected, they played a part in it happening, will be down on the day and want us to take full advantage of it.

The club will be mentioned in the national press release and we expect the writers and photographers to also mention Millwall Rugby Club. All the main papers, The Times, The Telegraph, Sunday Times, have been invited. National TV and radio will interview Stuart in the clubhouse and under the Arches so the club will get some great exposure.

Stuart's time is limited and the event is a one that we are hosting, not our own, so unfortunately we cannot invite members down. However, the event finishes at 5pm so you could then come and meet the RFU, Natwest guests and journalists who we'll invite to stay on for a pre-dinner beer. We also hope to have some signed souvenirs to raffle at a later date.

Finally this event doesn't happen by accident, it comes from people working hard, often unseen and not well unrecognised, for the club. You too can play your part, we'll need the clubhouse to be kept tidy from now until after the event. Like last Sunday, we'll need people to help tidy, clean and arrange furniture on Sunday morning from 11am. If anyone has seat covers, sofa throws etc that would improve the club appearance, please bring them down. An event like this very rare, we can make a big impression that will help with funds, floodlights, new players and members so grab it while it's there.

While he's here, we can also see if Stuart would be interested in a role at Millwall, working for our own Head Coach, Dave Roberts, once he's decided to move on from England..

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