Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Floodlights Raffle - This Saturday Jan 12th

Hello everyone, Flex speaking. Please read all of this message.


(Planning permission was approved Jan 7th)

In honour of Bradley Wiggins, we’re holding a raffle in the Clubhouse Saturday night. I can say with complete confidence that the prizes are extraordinarily interesting, and well worth a look. Some of them may even be worth something.

The point is that you should all break open your penny jars (I will also accept € and US$ at reasonable (possibly) exchange rates).
A quick word to the wise. It’ll be much easier to buy some tickets than not, I promise you. You really don’t want me following you around, cramping your style in the White Swan at 2am.

Official tickets will be available from me and possibly some others, if they’re mad enough to prostrate themselves before you for the sake of a tenner.

Watch out for raffle ticket selling impersonators, In my experience, they will look like Iwan or Jack (also, any Australian under 5’8” should be viewed with suspicion).

One more important point, while stocks last, everyone who buys a fivers worth of tickets gets a free Rugby ball with Catlin written on it (don’t ask me why) and anyone who buys a tenners worth of tickets gets a free Rugby ball with Catlin written on it (see previous brackets) and a black t-shirt with Egg Catcher written on it. My advice, get in quick.

Finally, in the interests of keeping the Club tidy, please note there is a bin to your right as you leave the Clubhouse.

See you Saturday,



p.s. Please don’t let this put you off turning up Saturday

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