Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Millwall RFC 2015 Clubhouse Bierfest

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary year we are looking to have our first annual Bierfest in the clubhouse. The date is currently the week after the end of the season so everyone can enjoy the Bierfest to the full.

•    Celebrate the end of the season in style

•    Feel like you missed out on Oktoberfest?
•    Like the slap of leather on skin (like Boris)?
•    Do you love Oompah music/Europop?
•    Well get yourself down to Millwalls very first ‘AprilFest’ in the clubhouse.
•    We’ll have German bier on tap and German shots
•    As well as commemorative glasses & polo shirts for sale.

Event details are still being finalised, but as a rough idea we are looking to offer the following options:

Option 1: £20 all-in package price (includes entry cost, Millwall 2015 Bierfest polo shirt and tankard, 1 pint of beer and a German shot)

Option 2: £5 entry only cost.

Option 3: We will also be selling the polo-shirts and tankards separately at £10 and £7.50 respectively (for our expats and those that can't make the event)

ACTION: If you are interested, please accept the invite on facebook HERE & indicate which option you want.

ACTION: If applicable, please indicate which size polo-shirt you would like (so we can gauge order numbers).

A further blog will go out outlining how/when you can pay for these.

All proceeds from this will go towards keeping annual dinner costs to a minimum as well as going back into the club for development needs.

For further details please email gareth@millwallrugby.com

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