Monday, 9 February 2015

Wednesday Training - Next 7 Weeks Topics

Here are the things we'll be concentrating leading up to the last league game (yes, the end of the scheduled league games is that close!). Please below for some more details*.

The sessions will have  two-three focus themes and plays that could be used to achieve that outcome, with three phases and using backs and forwards. We'll use lessons learned from Saturday's games and have a focus on the rugby principles of play and develop technical skills relevant to the focus. All sessions will finish with a game, there will be a mix of skills, game development and fitness.

Wednesday, 11 February  

Warmup - 5 Pass game, overload touch
Focus 1 - Attacking wide from scrum e.g. Openside wing creating an extra man, penetrator, box kick
Focus 2 - Defensive Alignment from Scrum
Principle of Play - Support
Technical Skill - Passing: pop, loop, switch, short, long, speed of pass

Wednesday, 18 February  

Warmup - End Ball, Aussie Rules
Focus 1 - Play from Scrum, using switches, Rangi
Focus 2 - Play from Lineout - Quick ball 9-12, 10 loops 12, backline alignment (steep, wide gaps etc)
Principle of Play - Continuity
Technical Skill - spin in tackle, pop from tackle etc

Wednesday, 25 February  

Warmup - Musical balls, chaos touch
Focus 1 - Play from Scrum, backs come short, forwards go with the flow
Focus 2 - Play from restart, receiving a short kick, long kick
Principle of Play - Contest Possession
Technical Skill -  Attacking and Defending mauls

Wednesday, 04 March  

Warmup - Tig, continuous rugby
Focus 1 - Play from Lineout - front peel, cut out pass to blindside winger, catch and drive.
Focus 2 - Utilise a large powerful wing in an attacking strike play
Principle of Play - Pressure
Technical Skill - Continuity in Attack, Rucking

Wednesday, 11 March  

Warmup - 5 pass, Numbers touch
Focus 1 - Play from scrum 5 metres out, no8 pick and go, forwards drive
Focus 2 - Play from a restart, short 22m drop out
Principle of Play - Go Forward
Technical Skill - Kicking, catching

Wednesday, 18 March  

Warmup - Rugby netball, Identifying Space to attack (15)

Focus 1 - Play from Lineout, 13. Using 15 on the narrow side , 20m space.
Focus 2 - Receiving a long kick off
Principle of Play - Contest Possession
Technical Skill - Lineout game, lose your marker

Wednesday, 25 March  

Warmup - 5 pass game, mismatch touch (20)
Focus 1 - Attacking mid field from scrum on halfway
Focus 2 - Play from Lineout - off top, front ball, miss pass 10 to 13, 15 hits line
Principle of Play - Support
Technical Skill - Tackling

* We'll adjust the exact contents on the night to how many we have and who is there, weather etc. Obviously, the more we have and the wider the playing positions, the more we can do.

General Information on the Sessions

The training sessions will be
Active and games related - we'll play games, touch, scenarios etc and stay active in the current weather
Purposeful - Drills will be a small part of the night and any will be directly related to games and their benefit explained
Enjoyable - we'll focus on playing with a focus on fun and improvement individually and as units\teams
Safe - we want people to be ready to play on Saturdays and not get injured in training. We'll do some contact in controlled situations using relevant equipment e.g. tackle suits, bags etc

The Committee are in search of a new coach and so training will be led by Tim McDonagh with Shaun Cook. RFU Coaches, Dean Cutting and Neil Sweeney will also attend on certain nights as Tim is finishing off his Level 2 Coaching license.

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