Monday, 26 November 2012

Club Breakfast - December 8th

Club Breakfast - December 8th, 10am

We're going to revive the club breakfast, Sheridan is going to put on a delectable spread of old favourites including bacon and sausage rolls, scrambled eggs etc to send the players on the way on the second last game of the season and build up to the Christmas party later that day.

The 1s are at home, 2s away to Upminster, 3rds away to East London so we'll go off fortified. Lessons have been learned, none of your 'healthy' breakfasts, just solid fuel!

If people like, we can go through some current topics 
including floodlights , coaching etc

If you are planning to come, please accept the Facebook invite or let me know so we can estimate food. If you'd like me to discuss anything in the club, please let me know.

Thanks, Tim


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