Monday, 26 November 2012

Floodlights Demo and Training next Monday - Dec 3rd, 7PM

Floodlights Demo and Training next Monday Dec 3rd, 7 PM

Next Monday brings us a big step forward in us having our own floodlights for training for the first time on Millwall Park as one of the providers is going to give us a demo of their lights.

We've also applied for planning permission and this demo will be a key part of showing the Council and local residents that there will be no inconvenience to them or local flora\fauna. In fact, lights and people training in the park will add to the safety of borough residents who wish to walk through the Park in the dark evenings. Amongst those who have accepted our invite are the Tower Hamlets planners, local residents, Island Sports Trust, East End Homes and local Councillor Gloria Thienel who has been working very hard on the club's behalf to make this a reality. Its also going in the local papers and George Green Parents communications.

Training next week will therefore be on Monday night.

Its very important that we have a good turn out at training for a couple of reasons:

  1. We need to show people that we have a healthy club that need lights to develop further
  2. The lights are expensive and we'll need to work hard to raise money. We need to ensure we're buying the best available for training and the majority agree.
  3. These lights are battery powered and rise to 3.5m. We need to be happy we can use them for line outs  kicking, that we can store and maintain them adequately.
Spread the word; if everyone asks two players you know to come down, we'll have a good turnout. We need at least 20 players, male and female. Sign up via the Facebook invite and send it to others

As we'll have guests, its quite a step forward for the club to have our first training and we're in December, we'll offer hot drinks with mince pies to everyone. The Irish contingent are definite that they will make the best hot whiskeys, will we have a challenge from anyone else?

Tim McDonagh

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