Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sponsor benefits and discounts for members

I’m very pleased to announce that both of our current sponsors renewed their sponsorship this season. 

Byblos Harbour agreed to double their previous sponsorship fee and have moved on to the new, tiered sponsorship structure as a Bronze sponsor. 

The Gaylord are maintaining the value of their previous sponsorship and have committed to a 2 year deal. 

What does this mean for you?

Well, not only does the club receive valuable funding, but you can get 10% discount at Byblos Harbour and 12.5% at The Gaylord when you show your valid Millwall Rugby Club membership card. 

So, please always show your card to ensure you get your discount, but also so the sponsors know you are from the club and can see the value of their sponsorship in driving custom and will want to sponsor us again next year.

Also, please tell me if you think you know of a potential sponsor. Maybe you have a friend who works in Marketing, or a family member who works for a local business. If you have any potential leads at all, please email me.

Other Discounts

Fenton Sports - 10% discount to all members (excluding sale items). Visit www.fentonsports.com

Decathlon - sign up for a Decathlon loyalty card and link it to Millwall Rugby Club to let the club earn points when you do.

Visit www.decathlon.co.uk for more details of the loyalty scheme. You can get your card at the nearest branch in Surrey Quays or, if you email me with the following details, I will go and get all cards made up in one go. I will need your name, address, email and date of birth. Obviously I will use your information only for this purpose and will delete it afterwards.

If you already have a Decathlon card, please email me for details on how to link it to the club. 

Kind Regards


Sophie Morris
Development Officer
Millwall Rugby Club
Email: sophie.morris@millwallrugby.com 

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