Thursday, 22 November 2012

Honorary Life Membership - Treatment of Partners

Honorary Life Membership - Treatment of Partners

The granting of Honorary Life membership is made to someone who has made an exceptional positive impact on the club. The club acknowledges that partners of these members will often, directly or indirectly, support the member in their efforts and the club therefore extends the benefits of life member to the partner.

A 'partner' in these circumstances will be someone who has a serious, established relationship with the honoured member such as being married, engaged, in a civil partnership, or in a long term relationship (greater than 2 years) and synonymous with the term "significant other". At the time of the granting of Honorary Life Membership, any partner meeting the criteria will be noted.  If later, a different relationship is established and a decision as to whether benefits are applicable,  a CMC member can decide the point for that event and the party can appeal this decision to CMC itself.

The benefits associated with the life member partner shall cease upon the termination of the relationship itself as defined either by formal legal separation/divorce of the parties or the agreed opinion of CMC in the event of no legal event. The life member partner will be informed of the decision by the Secretary or Chairman and their status will revert to member status with the consequent cessation of Honorary Life Member benefits.

This policy was agreed by the Club Management Committee (CMC) on November 12th and will apply from today, November 22, 2012.

Tim McDonagh
Millwall Rugby Club

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