Thursday, 1 November 2012

Members invite to Committee meetings

Your Invite to the next Committee Meeting on November 12, 7pm

As you know, the club elects the Club Management Committee (CMC) to administer the club for you, the members, and make decisions for you to save everyone the effort of attending and voting. The next meeting is Monday 12 November at 7pm and I'm inviting a member to come. 

Each month there is a CMC meeting and all members are free to attend the meeting, people just don't seem to be aware of this. You can then understand what is going on, add agenda items to be discussed, add your thoughts etc. There are certain restrictions which I'll go into below but I would like to invite and encourage you to attend at least one meeting so you can better understand what's happening. The committee work for the members not the other way around (that doesn't mean members do not also need to volunteer!).

In attending, you can understand some of the challenges the club faces, influence where the club is going and perhaps see where you can help. With some discretion outside the meeting, you can also discuss what goes on at CMC and make other members aware. Additionally, it's good for people to understand what the committee actually does so you can decide whether you'd like to stand for election. Being an officer has its challenges but there are also rewards.

So that we can run an orderly meeting and get through the items as quickly as possible, we restrict the meeting to CMC members plus roughly 2 invited members. Each CMC member is financially personally responsible for the club so voting is restricted to CMC members, invited members do not vote. We also sometimes discuss sensitive personal or financial issues so discretion of what is discussed is required. As with all CMC members, the Chairman and Secretary ask for agenda items and then schedule based on priority, there is no guarantee that a member's agenda item will be discussed but priority will be given to anyone attending.

How to Get Invited
Please email me if you'd like to attend, The only reason anyone would be not be invited would be if we didn't have space or we needed to discuss something particularly sensitive and I'll let you know why.

Paul, our secretary looks after the meeting schedules and you can contact Paul,,  to get details of when the meetings are. They are roughly the 2nd Monday of each month.

Hope to see you at one meeting,


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