Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Committee & Club Roles 2013-2014

Club Roles for 2013-2014

We'll have the AGM on Saturday 27th April at 1pm and elect next year's committee. As the current committee had quite an eventful year with visits from Stuart  Lancaster, David Cameron and Lord Coe, there is already quite a lot of interest and I'd encourage you all to take part and take a role.

The full list of roles, the present holders intentions and any known nominees are available from the following link and will be updated as new information comes in.

Important - Incorporation
If the club chooses to incorporate itself as a legal entity, at least 5 people will also be expected to become Directors of the Limited company

Nomination Deadline 
If you'd like to stand for an elected role, please nominate yourself by sending the Chairman an email by Saturday 13th April by 1pm making it clear which role you wish to stand for.

Elected Roles

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Men's Chair**
  • Ladies' Chair**
  • Youth Chair**
  • Communications Officer
  • Development Officer
  • General Committee Member 1
  • General Committee Member 2
  • Social Secretary
  • Fixture Secretary
  • 1st XV Manager
  • 2nd XV Manager
  • 3rd XV Manager
  • 4th XV Manager
  • Venus Manager

**after election, the three chairs will come to a mutual agreement to decide which of them will take on the externally-representative role of "Club Captain" for the season.

Note that the Committee is described here and Andrew wrote a very useful document on what the various roles are expected to do.

Please also talk to current Committee members about what the roles actually involved this year, chat to others in the club, see what you'd like to achieve and encourage others to participate. I'll be standing again for another role so I'll be looking forward to working with you.


Tim, Chairman

* The full link is

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  1. How do we vote by proxy if we can't attend?
    Email our votes to you?

    And what about if we have questions of the candidates that all those attending should hear before the voting?