Monday, 25 March 2013

Notice of General Meeting to Incorporate

Incorporation Meeting and Q&A Session

Thursday April 4th, 9pm


Please note that there will be a meeting in the clubhouse on the above night to go through the various documents necessary to incorporate the club i.e. to turn it into a Limited  Company. This is a recommended step for rugby clubs now for the following main advantages

  • Allow the club act as a legal entity
  • Protect the Committee from being personally sued due to club involvement
Please contact Flex for further details, The sub-committee will explain the advantages and disadvantages and answer questions. 

This is not a vote and is open to all members. Its quite important that  as many people as possible understand  the  implications of what the club is undertaking.

Members will have time to examine the  documents in preparation for a vote at the  AGM on April 27th.




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