Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Upcoming April Events!

Millwall’s Upcoming April Events!

April is going to be a very busy month with Millwall!  Please see the listings below since it looks like there will be something on every Saturday in April! 

 Girls Vs. Boys, 6th of April, 7 pm - ?

Posted on behalf of Venus Rugby:
As a collaboration between the men’s and women’s side, we are organizing the ultimate battle of the sexes to find out once and for all who rules the other!
The night will consist of different challenges and to make sure that you are victorious you better bring your A game, as the night will test your drinking, social and creative skills.
We all hope to see you on Saturday the 6th of April at the clubhouse, where the challenge will commence from 7PM.

May the best sex win!
Rocky’s Testimonial, 13th of April 12 pm - on

Posting this on behalf of Larry and Rocky. Seriously folks, this will be a great day and Rocky is a great guy so come on down and play and celebrate with him! - Brigitte

From Larry:

You lot,

We are pleased to announce that we now have a date cast in stone for this event so lets take the opportunity to make it a good one. The season will be over so we can all have a bit of fun.

Can you please forward this to as many friends that you can to make sure that we get the whole club covered. Anyone who has not done so please stick your name on the team sheet link below. Likewise those of you who made spurious excuses to avoid a tackle will need to man up this time.

I am thinking about ideas for prizes on the day so drop me a message if you have a Eureka moment. I was thinking maybe free beer for the first high tackle on Sean Russell or something of that ilk.

Take care and keep the high balls low.


England vs. Rest of the World, 20th of April – 12 pm - on

For those of you that have been with the club for a while we all know it as Rest of the World (RoW) day. This is a day when we play rugby against each other and the teams are separated with England players and all the rest of the club.

It's a great day of rugby and good fun. We'll have food and drinks (as normal) during or after the games. Let's hope for great weather!!!

As always, members and non-members are invited. Please invite others by joining and then selecting invite friends.

There will be more details to follow and the time may change since we just want to get the day in your diaries!

AGM, 27th of April 1 pm- on

The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is a meeting that allows us to find out the current status of the club and to figure out the direction that it may be going in the upcoming year. This is your chance to come and ask questions and be a part of the future of Millwall.

We will also be electing our new committee for the 2013-2014 year. More details can be found by reading the Chairman's blog:

Stay up to date with the status of the elections by keeping an eye on our blog.

If you're interested in running for a position and would like to know more, please feel free to talk to the current elected representative or look at the following link:

If you're interested in running for a position, please email

You will need to be a paid up member in order to vote and stand for any of the positions. Also, this year the bar will be open before the AGM and during breaks.

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  1. Will Rockie's testimonial be played before the game against Burnham?